Dog Grooming Services

From our new purpose-built studio, we provide the best quality service to you and your canine friend. We use top quality products to suit your individual dog’s needs. Our services range from a freshen up package to comprehensive full groom.

We are conveniently located mid way between Basingstoke and Winchester but our clients come from far and wide.

Freshen Up

The perfect grooming package for your adventurous dirty pups! Your dog is bathed using our specialist shampoos, followed by a conditioning treatment (where appropriate) then blow dry and full brush out, all completed by hand.  The final touch is a generous spritz of one of our special ‘puppy perfumes’!

Freshen Up Grooming Prices From:

  • Small dog: £20.00
  • Medium dog: £30.00
  • Large dog: £40.00
  • Giant dog: £50.00

Tidy Up

In addition to the grooming treatments in our Freshen Up service, we trim and file nails, tidy the hygiene ares and clean your dog’s ears. Removal of hair growing down into the ear canal can be performed, but we ask that you get permission from your vet for us to carry this out. We are trained and competent in this process, but will not attempt to clear ears when there is sign of soreness or infection.

Any excess hair on paws pads and face are trimmed to return your dog to his/her glamorous self.

Tidy Up Grooming Prices From:

  • Small dog: £25.00
  • Medium dog: £35.00
  • Large dog: £45.00
  • Giant dog: £55.00

Full Groom

A Full Groom includes everything in the Tidy Up package and then styling to achieve the look that you like. Be that a pet trim or styling to breed standard. If you are unsure of the finish that will be best for your dog and for you to be able to take care of in-between grooms, we can advise what would suit your dog and your lifestyle.

Full Groom Prices From:

  • Small Dog: £30.00
  • Medium Dog: £40.00
  • Large Dog: £50.00
  • Giant dog: £60.00


Double coated and long-haired dogs seem to leave our houses looking like we never clean up! Our  De-Shed service involves using a specialist shampoo to encourage shedding of any dead undercoat.The coat is then dried in a ‘blasting’ technique with a high velocity dryer, which quite literally blasts all their loose hair all over the salon! On shorter coats (such as French Bulldogs, Labradors, we use a curry comb in the bath to remove dead hair before the drying process.The groom is completed with brushing out the final hairs and a spritz of ‘puppy perfume’.

De-Shed Grooming Prices From:

  • Small dog: £30.00
  • Medium dog: £35.00
  • Large dog: £40.00
  • Giant dog: £50.00

Hand Stripping

We are very experienced in hand-stripping, for the grooming of both coarse coated dogs, such as the Border Terriers, Italian Spinones and Airdales, and of softer coats such as Spaniels. In both cases the hand-stripping process protects and promotes the retention of the natural colour, look and texture of the dog’s coat. Following a tidy up groom, we use a full range of hand stripping tools to achieve your desired look. We will, where necessary, scissor finish any areas that need a little extra tidy.

Hand Stripping Grooming Prices From:

  • Small dog: £40.00
  • Medium dog: £50.00
  • Large dog: £60.00
  • Giant dog: £70.00