Cleaning your dog’s teeth is an essential part of a dog grooming routine.
Dental disease is very common in dogs and is, as you can imagine, extremely uncomfortable and expensive to treat.

Regular cleaning at home will reduce the chance of plaque and tartar build up which can lead to dental disease.

If left unchecked, dental disease can lead to unnecessary and expensive treatment. Unfortunately some breeds of dogs are more prone to dental problems, for example Pugs and Chihuahuas with have poorly aligned jaws and crowded or absent teeth.

Dental disease can appear quite suddenly, or progress overtime and take months. Check your dog regularly for:

  • Build up of deposits on the teeth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Foul smelling breath
  • Exposed roots
  • Difficulty in chewing or eating
  • Discoloured teeth
  • Flecks of blood in their waste

If your dog has any of these symptoms, please contact your vet.

Teeth cleaning – daily – Really???

The recommendation, from the RSPCA, is to start teeth cleaning when your dog is a puppy and brush their teeth everyday to get them used to it. That is right – everyday. There are a variety of ‘toothbrushes’ available from double-sided brushes to ‘finger’ brushes and it’s really up to you to chose the easiest for you to use and that your dog will accept. 

Many other complementary products are widely available including dental gels and foam sprays as well as preventative food additives.

At Prince Pooch we are always realistic and understand that sometimes home teeth cleaning is not always practical. We can offer advice on how to clean teeth and what products we recommend, but sometimes it’s too late for preventative treatments and the tartar has already built-up.

Your vet is clearly the best choice for very badly affected teeth, especially where the gums are visibly inflamed (the norm is for them to be a light pink colour). Your vet will recommend the most appropriate treatment and often this will be teeth cleaning under anaesthetic. For some owners and their dogs this might not be the route they chose to take. 

At Prince Pooch we offer the very successful teeth cleaning system developed by Emipet. This system is designed to treat mild to moderate tartar build-up or a preventative treatment. It is NOT a replacement for heavy deposits or visibly infected gums which should always be treated by a vet.

So far we have had some amazing results!

The treatment involves using an ultrasonic toothbrush and toothpaste. Each dog has an individual toothbrush head, which can be used on multiple occasions. 
Ultrasound penetrates deep into the gums at up to 96 million air oscillations per minute to kill bacteria which can help prevent gum inflammations, periodontitis, tartar, bad breath odour and dental loss.

There is no sound or vibration – the toothbrush with toothpaste is simply held on the tooth. It breaks down and softens the tartar which comes away over time. Overall it’s an affordable, very effective and gentle teeth cleaning system.

Contact us for more details and pricing – start your dog’s journey to better oral health (and no more bad odours!)