Love them or loathe them – ’tis the season for fireworks

Here at Prince Pooch Dog Groomers we are lucky enough to have two soppy chocolate Labs, who love watching fireworks and are not at all phased by the bangs, whooshes and hisses. They are of course the exception.
If you could ask your pet what their biggest fear is, their answer would probably be ‘fireworks’. As humans, we associate these with happy times like Bonfire Night, Halloween and New Year’s Eve, but most pets get unsettled by the loud bangs and flashes.
It’s difficult to reassure our furry friends that fireworks are nothing to fuss about, but there are things we can do to prepare ahead and create a comfortable space for them to retreat to.

Building a den is one idea.

* Chose a good hiding spot – either a small room, wardrobe, sheltered corner of a room, away from doors and windows.
* Put their bed or crate as far away from the door as possible and pop in some items familiar to your pet. Favourite toys, an old item of your clothing or a snuggly blanket.
* If you’re using a crate cover it with blankets to help muffle sound.
* Make sure you put a bowl of water somewhere nearby.

Other things you can do:

* Play background music or turn up the volume on the television to distract from outside noises.
* Use a ‘Thunder jacket’ – a tight fitting soft jacket, much like swaddling a baby, which can help your pet feel safe.
* There are various pheromone-based sprays, collars and diffusers on the market. These are very mild and can be used alongside medication, but have a great calming effect. It’s best to start using these about a week before the event and combine this with introducing your pet to the new den.
* Keep your animals inside and soothe if they look to you for comfort, but if they want to hide, then let them.