It used to be so simple. Owning a dog followed a well-trodden path. The likelihood was that you’d either end up with a Labrador – friendly Monty, Oscar, Bertie – with waddling gait and operatic flatulence in old age – or a Spaniel, named after something you’d find on a woodland walk (Bramble, Bracken, Teasle). These and many other on the Kennel Club recognised breeds list all have different types of coat. When we add into the mix the countless varieties of lovable mixed breeds – oodles of Doodles, poos, chorkies, peekapoos, puggles, dorgis, (I could go on)…..we see a whole different set of, mostly combination coats that need different drying techniques to ensure the best finish.

At Prince Pooch we will select the drying method which is most appropriate for you dog’s coat and their own tolerance of drying. The dryers we use are very powerful and can be noisy. We value our hearing so wear ear protection whilst drying and also provide ear protection for your canine friend in the form of ‘Happy Hoodies’. These dull the sound of the dryers, making the process of drying more comfortable for both groomer and client.