Your first visit

On your first visit to Prince Pooch, we will ask you to complete a record card for you and your canine partner. We will discuss the general health of your dog and we will also carry out a ‘hands-on’ check of your dog so that we can identify and discuss concerns or issues. Briefly, the checks we will make are:

  • Body – check coat, skin and tail for lumps bumps warts, signs of parasites, bald patches, cuts sores, matting, tangles and any abnormalities
  • Eyes – clean, free from discharge or foreign objects
  • Face, ear, mouth, nose – clean, free from discharge, any odour, wax, redness
  • Feet and pads – cuts, sores, mats, tangles, seeds
  • Anal area, genital area – check for swelling, discharge
  • Nails – need for trimming, check for fungal infection

At the beginning of each subsequent visit we will ask you if there have been any changes in health, routine or well-being of your dog. A ‘hands-on’ check is always carried out prior to every groom.