Unless your dog is spending lots of time outdoors, walking and running on hard surfaces, their nails will grow too long and will eventually damage your dog’s feet. Many dogs never need to have their nails trimmed professionally as they wear down naturally during their normal day to day routine. Others, however, may not be walked on harder surfaces or they may just be a breed whose nails grow extremely quickly.

You know how painful if can be when you catch a split nail and the split has hit the nail bed. It’s painful for dog’s and they will redistribute their weight to ease the pain increasing the likelihood of further injuries. And if they don’t put weight on the affected feet the nails will grow longer.

A dog with sufficiently short nails will have a straight leg to the elbow. When nails become long, they will affect the posture of the dog.

Without regular dog nail clipping, the nails will eventually touch the ground, constantly pushing back into the nail bed putting pressure on the toe joint which is very painful for your dog and cause health problems for the joints and ligaments.

The feet will tip backwards, causing pressure on the wrists which will then affect the elbows and up into the shoulders. Obviously this doesn’t happen overnight, but once the posture begins to be affected it is difficult to repair.

If you haven’t had your dog’s nails clipped for a while because they are anxious about the experience, we have the solution

Visit our purpose built dog grooming studio near Winchester for nail clipping

At Prince Pooch, we see and deal with many dogs who dislike their feet and nails being touched. To date, we have always found a kind way to trim nails and make feet comfortable, even on the most difficult of dogs.

Whilst your dog is here we’ll check the condition of the pads, the nails and between the toes. Even if the nails are not too long some breeds of dogs are prone to getting matted hair burrs between the toes which will need to be checked and trimmed.

Get in contact today and we can advise you on what is best for your dog. We’re close to Winchester if you’d simply like to checkout where you best friend can get the pampering they deserve.

Cats nails also need to be checked on a regular basis – in some cases, the claws grow so quickly that they begin to curl around and push into pads. As cats claws are mostly in the retracted position, it’s not always easy to see any problems arising without physically extending the claws. We are happy to trim your cats’ claws, so bear us in mind if you think that Kitty needs some attention too!

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